20 Oct 2017,

How to be a fashion influencer - and get it right!

It’s no secret that fashion bloggers and influencers are shaping the direction of style in the UK. They have a direct affect on how people buy clothes, and brands are queuing up to work with the fabulous ladies behind Mother of Daughters, Dress Like a Mum and In the Frow, amongst many others.

Even Instagrammers who don’t have hundreds of thousands of followers are courted by fashion houses, independent labels and high street brands, as it’s now well known that these Micro Influencers are just as important as the big fish.

It may seem like an easy thing to do, but setting up and making a success of a fashion blog or Instagram account takes a lot of hard work, and getting it just right can be tough.

Two for Joy loves working with fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers who try out our pieces and style them up their way. It’s great to shout about our ethical and sustainable approach to fashion through these amazing channels, and we enjoy seeing the fabulous pictures of these amazing women rocking our clothes!

If you just love fashion, and are thinking about dipping your toe into this fabulous yet crazy world, here are our seven tips for nailing it…

 1. Write with passion.

First and foremost, you need to write with passion and integrity and this comes from being authentic. Aim to write about what you love, what makes you tick and what you wear on a day to day basis.

If you’re a 30 year old mum of two, with a penchant for comfy yet on-trend clothes, then write about that. If you’re a vegan, and only wear clothes that don’t use any animal materials, there’s your spot.  If you’re 20 and you love going backpacking, or clubbing in global locations, then tell us all about it. Be true to yourself, and find your niche.

2. Let people into your life  

Readers love authenticity, they want to know about YOU and your life. Don’t just show them what you wear, tell them where you’ll wear it to and what for. Let them backstage in your life.    

People follow bloggers because they offer two way communication. They ask for opinions and write back to you. Fashion bibles such as Vogue are there for gloriously shot images of supermodels on location in St Tropez, but it’s more likely that your blog followers relate to you on a much more personal level.

On a practical note, make your About Me page important. Let your personality shine through, and tell your followers and page visitors who you are and what your blog aims to do. Add in some big pictures to provide a snapshot of your life, and captivate your readers from the off. Remember, you’re amazing!

3. Learn, learn, learn…  

Setting up a blog is a huge learning process, right from the off, so be prepared to research like mad, learn new skills and keep abreast of the ever-changing social media landscape.

Successful bloggers post regularly, so if you have a nine to five job, chances are your evenings will be taken up with your new venture.

In the first instance, you’ll have to learn how to use Wordpress and set up a blog domain. After that, throw yourself down the rabbit hole and see what you can find out! Set up social media accounts and learn about how the analytics and management platforms can support you in finding out when your followers are online and what kind of posts they engage with. Learn how to schedule posts and when to post them, and research the best hashtags to use so that followers can find your posts. Take part in linkies and other blogging community activities and take advantage of the wealth of tutorial videos and how-to posts by fellow bloggers that are available to find with a quick Google.

4. Follow others who inspire you and build your tribe - slowly!  

Building an authentic follower base is going to take time. Sure, you can boost Facebook posts and take out Instagram ads, but your core follower numbers will be organic. Share your posts on relevant Facebook sites, engage with others on Twitter and follow like minded people. The blogging community really supports each other, so engage with posts, comment and enter competitions - be a follower and see what works best.  Constant communication is key.

5. Create engaging content  

Naturally, creating engaging content is number one on any blogger’s priority list. Think about your social media activity - what makes you clink on certain pages and blog posts? What do your readers want to know?  You may have 101 ideas for blog posts swirling around your brain, so write them all down, keep lists, start drafts, make a schedule - whatever works for you.

It is worth noting that video content is king. In fact, a recent study states that video will represent 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 (1), so make sure that you’re up to speed with Instagram Stories and Facebook Live.

Pictures are also important, but remember to stay true to yourself - although people love to share highly stylised dreamy, aspirational images, most users follow blogs because they relate to the human being behind the snaps. Above anything, be real.

6. Reach out to brands that align with your values

Touting for free gear on social media sites can been seen as a bit of a blogging faux pas, but directly engaging with a brand that you love could potentially put you in front of decision makers when they are looking for campaign ambassadors. Email the PR contact and introduce yourself - you may have to wait until your follower levels reach appropriate numbers, or your Domain Authority or Klout score is pretty decent, but more and more brands are using a number of smaller micro influencers to support them, rather than just the larger, more established bloggers.

Create a professional looking Media Kit that includes your blog statistics and your rate card costs for sponsored posts, collaborations and competitions. If you’re not sure where to start, check out other bloggers who publish their media kits on their sites and take notes.

Working with brands is the main way to turn your blog or Instagram account from a hobby into a business, but it’s worth noting that if you plan to make money from your blog, you must thoroughly research the legalities. If you plan to use affiliate links or write sponsored posts, you must declare it on every page and every post. Read up, it’s not worth getting you fingers burned or your blog deleted.

7. Invest in yourself

Finally, if your blog is taking off or your Facebook style edit has gone viral, it’s worth investing in yourself. Buy a great laptop or tablet, get yourself a fabulous camera and set aside some money for seasonal launches and fashion shows in London. You’re worth it, as they say, and the investment will pay off if you keep on trucking.

Good luck!


If you love ethical fashion and would like to work with Two for Joy, get in touch here: info@2forjoy.co.uk


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