09 Jan 2018,

Revolution Resolutions! Ethical fashion pledges to make in 2018...

Ethical fashion is gathering momentum every week, and 2017 saw some major brands embrace sustainable and ethically sourced clothing.

 At Two for Joy, we have fearlessly joined this growing movement as we throughly believe that the fashion industry needs to be transparent, ethical and empowering rather than opaque and murky, as much of it can be.  It’s been a wonderful year, and although we have a way to go and things to learn, we are hugely proud of our slow fashion range and thankful to all the fantastic customers that have purchased #foreveressentials from the Two for Joy collection.

 If you want to get on board with the Fashion Revolution and make some bold resolutions for 2018, here are five suggestions for living more sustainably in the new year and beyond...


1. Dress sustainably

It goes without saying, but resolve to research the brands that you wear to make sure they source responsibly and sustainably. At Two for Joy, we choose to select our suppliers and partners carefully, aiming to establish mutually beneficial, sustainable long-term relationships. We also insist that they are open and transparent about all steps in the garment making process, and in return we are open and honest with our customers about who makes their clothes, and using what materials. Shoppers can see examples of transparent pricing breakdowns on our website so they can see where money is being spent, and we make sure that our collections are fairly priced.    

2.  Choose slow fashion

Fast fashion is exactly that; trends that don’t last and are discarded after a few wears. Recent research has found that Brits were expected to throw away 235m items of clothing this year, most of which would end up in landfill.  It’s much kinder to the environment (and your Facebook profile pics!) to choose classic, well made clothes that look great throughout the seasons. No more embarrassing wardrobe faux pas!

Our ongoing goal is to make forever essentials that always look great, and you can wear time and time again.


3. Pledge to wear brands that give to charity

Plenty of well known brands give back to charity now, so it’s worth looking into the companies that have a social conscience. ASOS’s Made in Kenya Collection partners with the SOKO Kenya initiative, and TOMS shoes has a One For One pledge which donates a pair of shoes to children in need for every pair sold.

We give 15% from every sale to Mayamiko, a charity based in the UK which works in Africa to support local communities by training and funding start-up businesses to help alleviate poverty.


4. Write to your favourite brands to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Fashion Revolution - a global movement which calls for a fairer, safer, cleaner and more transparent fashion industry - was created after the Rana Plaza disaster, an awful event which also shaped the concept of Two for Joy. 

The Fashion Revolution website encourages style lovers to write to their favourite brands to ask #WhoMadeMyClothes?

 Two for Joy’s garments are manufactured in China, and we insist that all local laws are adhered to in terms of working age, wage and hours whether permanent, temporary, migrant or agency workers. Labour should not be forced and all workers are entitled to work in a non-discriminatory, safe and hygienic environment.


5. Choose ethical beauty and jewellery brands too

If you’re wearing ethical and sustainable fashion, it makes sense to team it with ethical and sustainable beauty and jewellery brands too.

For make up lovers, check out Green People, a fabulous British make up brand created by a mum who wanted to make her own organic, gentle creams for her daughter. Green People also make gorgeous make up products, which are organic, ethically sourced and cruelty free. 

Plus, if you want well priced high street make up and skin care, you can’t go wrong with the Body Shop, a well-established and pioneering brand that never tests on animals and has a detailed manifesto which outlines its commitment to farmers and growers; to always work fairly with them and help their communities to thrive.

If you like beautiful, ethically sourced jewellery that will enhance your look in a subtle yet stunning way, look no further that Lily Flo, an artisan British brand which makes ethical and responsible jewellery by hand in London.


From all at Two for Joy, have a wonderful 2018, and thanks again for all your support.


Sarah x

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