29 Jun 2017,

Who runs the world, Mums!

If you haven’t heard of the mumpreneur revolution, you must have been hiding under a rock! British mums are making a serious splash in the business world and generating billions for the economy at the same time.

But what makes British mums ditch the nine to five, and what makes these independent brands that have been created by mums shine?

Many mums in their 30s branch out into business because they feel disenfranchised with big organisations and the lack of flexibility that comes with working for somebody else.

They don’t want to accept the compromised work-life balance that working for a large company offers, and despite many big businesses embracing more flexible ways of working, they simply do not offer the same freedom that comes with starting your own venture.

Demonstrating a passion to build a more flexible and financially buoyant life for themselves and their children, British mums built up businesses worth a staggering £7bn to the UK economy in 2014, and - according to recent research, there are currently over 800,000 women working in mumpreneur businesses in the country*, and that figure looks set to rise.

The desire to make something that they themselves would love is a huge driver in the mumpreneur revolution, and there is a growing tribe of women who launch small businesses, freelance in creative industries, blog, make ethical and sustainable fashion, produce food products, create baby brands, write, develop apps and sell hand-made goods (amongst other things!) that all support each other, celebrate each other’s successes and provide guidance and advice when required.

Mums have created their own network of advocates and customers, and that network is pinned on an underlying platform of positivity, happiness and self-care. They use social media and the internet to network and connect, work around their kids and disregard traditional ways of doing business to create their own working lives that they love.

Products created by mumpreneurs tend to be made with honesty and authenticity, and have been made to appeal to other like-minded mums who share the same feelings about things like ethics, health and the environment.

Two for Joy was created with love and out of a desire to be part of the growing fashion revolution, that ditches disposable fast fashion for forever essentials that do not damage the planet or its people. As a mumpreneur based business, we wanted to make clothes that other mums would love, and our collections are designed to appeal to women who want to build a functional, stylish wardrobe that will see them through the seasons.

We have a back story to be proud of and our customers love our clothes because they can trust where they have come from and how they have been made.

As well as caring deeply about our customers and providing great quality clothes that they love to wear, we also care about sourcing quality,fabrics from our suppliers who treat their workers fairly and offer fair prices for their goods.  We believe in a sustainable fashion future and, as such, currently donate 15 % from every sale to The Mayamiko Trust, which supports communities in Africa by sponsoring their training and teaching them to sew, knit and tailor, and connects them to ethical UK fashion designers.

Find out more about our approach to ethics and charity donations here.

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