The Sustainability of the Fashion Industry

As far as sustainability goes, it is safe to say that the way the fashion industry chooses to produce clothing ranks very low on the list. In fact, recent studies have shown that our chosen methods not only affect our precious environment, they also rely heavily on unethical arrangements and child labour. Read on to find out how unsustainable the fashion industry really is…

The Cost Effectiveness of Materials

Some types of materials that are produced use vast quantities of finite resources. This means that eventually, we will have to find other ways to produce our clothing when these resources run out. For example, the traditional method of producing denim uses 20 thousand litres of water in order to treat and dye just one pair of jeans and a single shirt. When put into perspective, this is an extremely unsustainable statistic! Luckily, manufacturers are researching into more sustainable methods of producing and recycling denim, meaning that in the future, we will see a greater awareness of sustainable manufacturing and a smaller impact on our world’s resources.

Unfair Labour

The production of clothing is not something to be taken lightly. After all, it can be extremely bad for the environment and it is a costly industry that may not be very bank account friendly! That is, of course, unless the clothing company takes short cuts, mass producing thousands of garments at the cheapest possible price. Paying suppliers unfairly leads to people producing garments who are not being paid properly and who may be working in poorly ventilated buildings and in unethical conditions. Many people are not aware of this when they make a purchase.

Production Demand

The fast fashion industry is built on a premise of speed and variety. The focus is less on the quality of the product and more on how fast it can be shipped from the work floor to the shop floor, ensuring there are new styles available on a weekly basis to keep with consumer demand. This has led to a rather unsustainable system and feeds into the cycle of rushed production and poor working conditions.

Here at 2forjoy, we understand the story behind the clothing you find on the racks of many high street stores. We want to address the sustainability of the fashion industry by making small changes in the way we work with suppliers, customers and the way we source our fabrics and yarns. We are working to ensure that the clothing we make is ethical by employing a range of tactics. For example, we work with internationally audited, reliable, honest suppliers and work to build a mutually respectful relationship with both the customer and supplier. We use good quality materials and we even donate 15% of each sale price to charity! To find out more about what ethical fashion means to us, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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