Are Runways Still Relevant?

Even the fashion industry is not immune to the rise of technology. In fact, it has even forced brands to change the way they announce new collections and ultimately appeal to the everyday consumer.

From Paris Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week, dozens of stars flock from city to city in order to catch a glimpse of the catwalk models from the ‘frow’, which is industry talk for ‘front row’. Here at 2forjoy, we like to ask the difficult questions which is why we have decided to analyse the relevance of runways in 2018…


From social media and smartphones to pixel perfect video formats, there is something about technology that is revolutionising the way the fashion industry approaches new seasons. In fact, Top Shop actually livestreams their segment in the London Fashion Week which is just one example of the impact that advanced technology is having. After all, this allows people from all over the world to see the new releases without having to be there in person.

On the other hand, many industry insiders also say that technology could be having a negative influence too. After all, high quality images of the new garments are splashed all over social media in a matter of minutes but they are actually not available for purchase until a couple of months later. This gives fast fashion brands the ability to rip off the designers and create lower quality alternatives that are more ‘affordable’.


It is hard to ignore how much the fashion industry has changed its approach to the runway. After all, fashion shows in the 50’s were a simple affair that gave designers the ability to debut their new garments to select individuals. In fact, the ‘frow’ wasn’t filled with celebrities and the whole event wasn’t half as serious as it is today. Once a discreet insiders event, many would say that the modern fashion industry has managed to transform the runway into an over-priced, publicity garnering marketing opportunity; using high profile celebrities to make headlines.


With this said, the runway is the perfect opportunity for designers to implement diversity within their collections. After all, the industry has been heavily criticised in the past for its use of underweight models. In fact, Rihanna recently debut her Savage X Fenty lingerie range at New York Fashion Week with an incredibly diverse line-up; including women of every shape, size and colour and creed. In fact, one model was heavily pregnant and gave birth just hours after hitting the runway! Some could argue that fashion shows allow brands to promote diversity within the industry, especially when it has a reputation for whitewashing and encouraging unrealistic body expectations in the past.

The fashion industry is incredibly specific however the brains behind the biggest fashion shows in the world leave no stone unturned when it comes to the runway. After all, technology may be developing faster than any of us can keep up but it is safe to say that the runway is as relevant in the 21st as it was in the 50’s. After all, even Queen Elizabeth II attended London Fashion week in February 2018! Our slow fashion range may not have been worn by supermodels during a fashion show but we believe that our durability guarantee is enough to make headlines! To find out more, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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