Assessing Clothing Quality

When it comes to clothing, the quality of the material it is made from is particularly important. One prerequisite to creating a wardrobe filled with high quality garments is being able to determine if an item of clothing matches your quality criteria. In fact, from the materials themselves to the commonly overlooked details like seams, linings and buttons; there are several subcategories to the art of assessing clothing quality. If you are looking to build a wardrobe filled with durable attire, read on to find out how to tell the difference between an item that won’t last one season and a higher quality ensemble…

What exactly is quality?

Before delving into the topics that surround the idea of quality, particularly high quality, it is important to understand what the word itself actually means. After all, asking for something of a ‘high’ quality can have several connotations and there may be differing opinions on what officially distinguishes an item of low quality from an item of high quality. When it comes to fashion, the term generally refers to a piece of clothing that is durable, well made and able to last more than a season. Here are some ideas behind investing in high quality garments and creating a lasting wardrobe.


Without a doubt, the most important aspect of clothing is the fabric is it created from. Well-crafted seams are never going to make up for cheaply sourced and pilling materials which is why you should always assess the quality of the fabric and how suitable it is before purchasing. Here are some top tips with regards to the most popular fabrics used within the fashion industry:

Cotton – A soft and versatile fabric, cotton is a popular choice of clothing material. When it comes to assessing garments crafted from it, you should look at the length of the fibres as longer cotton fibres generally suggest something is a high quality piece of clothing. They can be identified through touch as long fibres will be soft to the skin. Plus, there should be no pilling and the fabric shouldn’t be transparent when held up to the light.

Denim – There are a wide range of different opinions on what the characteristics of good quality denim are. Generally, the quality of denim is reflected through the quality of the cotton that was used in order to create it and how the product was woven. It should be soft, almost moist-like and hold a perfect equilibrium between thin and flimsy and stiff and heavy. Denim is also a thick fabric so it is important to asses the seams and ensure they are strong enough that your clothing won’t fall apart after a handful of washes.

Linen – This fabric is formed from flax fibres which are naturally smooth but do not have a high elasticity. It is also a material that is best suited for summer since it dries quickly and provides a cooling effect. When shopping for high quality linen, always ensure it is feels soft on the skin as if it has a rough texture, it was likely formed using short fibres that offer the same low quality as they do in cotton.

The quality of the materials that we use in order to create our clothing here at 2forjoy are a vital part of the creative process. Above anything, we prioritise this aspect of our design in order to adhere to our slow fashion ethos and produce high quality attire that will last beyond a single season. For more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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