Bright Clothing and How It Affects Your Mood

There has been a lot of research into colour philosophy and whether the colour of the clothing we choose to wear can have an impact on our mood. In fact, the theory that colour can affect the way we feel is often applied to funeral attire where guests tend to adopt clothing that is black as a symbol of mourning. Many experts suggest that the choice of such dark clothing can add to the sombre atmosphere of events like funerals and wakes. On the other hand, there is also evidence that bright clothing can have a positive impact on your mood. Read on to find out more information…


As one of the brightest clothing colours on the market, it has been said that yellow is a staple of the summer wardrobe. Whilst it is true that the sun can really help this playful colour pop, wearing it on even the most depressing day can really change your mood which is why you should fit this life-affirming shade into an outfit. Yellow is associated with joy, energy and happiness, therefore, wearing yellow is a sub-conscious mood booster.


Whilst the colour blue draws comparisons with the cold, a bright shade of blue can have a relaxing effect. In fact, blue often reminds people of the sky and sea which suggests that it can evoke feelings of confidence and purity. Plus, wearing clothing that is blue suggests a kind of softness, particularly pale blue.


Since it is associated with the element of fire, it is said that the colour orange combines the energy of the colour red and the happiness of the colour yellow in order to form a shade that represents creativity, success and enthusiasm. After all, a bright colour like orange also has the potential to be bold as very few people are willing to wear it. In fact, wearing the colour orange can stimulate mental activity and thus boost the mood of the people adorning it.

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