Can the Fashion Industry be Saved?

Some people say that the unsustainability of the fashion industry could be its demise. After all, with increasing demands and a reliance on unethical methods, it is only a matter of time before the entire structure cracks under the pressure and comes tumbling down, right? Here at 2forjoy we believe that there is a way to turn things around before we travel too far down the path of destruction. Read on to find out whether the entire fashion industry can truly be saved from the wrath of fast fashion…


If there is one thing that fast fashion does not take into consideration, it is quality. After all, the industry would much rather get hundreds of thousands of items onto the high street instead of taking the time to make items that will last. One way to save the fashion industry would be to support slow fashion brands and the high-quality clothing they produce. After all, the focus of slow fashion is to create clothing that is durable and long lasting rather than cheap and low quality.


The fast fashion industry is not only called into question due to clothing’s lack of quality - its methods also compromise the planet and take advantage of foreign workers. From the amount of harmful chemicals that pollute the fabrics of the clothing to the increasing levels of wastage, it is no wonder that the planet is suffering at the hands of fashion fabrication. In fact, increasing awareness about how we can take care of our planet better means that these unethical methods could be called into question, putting the fashion industry at the forefront of scrutiny. A more ethical way to enjoy clothing is to purchase from brands that try to create their clothing without drastically impacting the environment.


The current cycle of the fashion industry makes people reliant on fast fashion. After all, replacing clothing that is doomed to fall apart after a handful of washes is much easier when sale prices cost less than a round of drinks at the pub! Unfortunately, this means that very few people actually appreciate their clothing and this makes throwing it out without a second though relatively easy. In order to save the fashion industry, it is important to make investments into your wardrobe to build up a collection of high quality garments that will last through thick and thin and most importantly, be difficult to part with when the time comes.

Here at 2forjoy we believe that making a few simple changes to our shopping habits can reshape the fashion industry as we know it today. After all, relying on and supporting fast fashion is not only unsustainable, it harms our environment in unimaginable ways. Saving the fashion industry can take many routes however supporting slow and ethical fashion is guaranteed to make a change and here at 2forjoy we work hard to make clothing that mirror these philosophies. To find out more information about how you can help save the fashion industry, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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