Celebrities and their Signature Style

Fashion is one of the most influenced industries in the world. After all, it doesn’t take much for a new trend to oust former contenders, even those that have been in the spotlight for decades.

In fact, celebrities occupy a significant amount of influence when it comes to the fashion industry, especially with the implementation of social media, as it only takes one post to kickstart an entirely new trend. Just take Michael Jackson’s red Thriller jacket throughout the 80’s as evidence of a celebrity’s impact, which was popular decades before the rise of social media. Read on to find out some of the signature styles that women in the public eye are known for…

Ariana Grande and Skater Skirts

This Nickelodeon actress turned popstar has managed to create a look as famous as herself. After all, Ariana Grande is well known for her long, high pony tail and love of A-line skater skirts which are often coupled with a pair of knee high boots. Grande’s feminine approach to fashion expresses female sexuality in a positive way, which is a stark contrast to the negativity of tabloid magazines.

Kate Middleton and Royal Modesty

On the other hand, the Duchess of Cambridge is known to implement royal traditions and modesty throughout her wardrobe. In fact, whilst a select few of her outfits have broken royal protocol in the past, the majority of Kate’s dresses are knee length and are adorned with a high neckline, which are two signature characteristics of modest fashion.

Marylin Monroe and the White Dress

Born Norma Jeane, American actress, model and singer Marylin Monroe was a popular sex symbol during the 50’s. In fact, her most iconic fashion moment has got to be the white dress that she wore in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch. It was designed by William Travilla and the image of the dress blowing up over a subway grate is widely renowned as one of the most iconic fashion images of the 20th century.

Janelle Monae and Tuxedos

Actress Janelle Monae once described a tuxedo as ‘classy’ and believes that her signature style is the ‘uniform for her career’. The look is derived from dandyism and places a black and white spin on the classics 18th century style. In fact, such a choice of clothing actually displays Monae in an androgynous way, neither feminine nor masculine, which only adds to the impact of her signature look.

Since fashion is so malleable, it is important to remember how quickly trends can change. In fact, the fast fashion industry is built on this unsustainable momentum as their mass production methods allow them to keep on top of every new trend as it develops. 

Alas, the clothing is often of a considerably low quality and will require replacing just in time for the hottest new trend to hit the high street. Here at 2forjoy, we like to focus on longevity which is why our slow fashion philosophy focuses on the trends that we think are prone to stick around; allowing you to emulate the signature style of your favourable celebrity for the foreseeable future! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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