Consumer Culture and its Effect on the Environment

The way that the fashion industry operates is ingrained into our minds so deeply that it is perhaps one of the hardest cultures to break down. After all, the methods and philosophies that are currently in operation are neither sustainable or ethical. Here at 2forjoy the way that clothing production affects the environment plays a big role in our slow fashion ethos however, we have also noticed the effect that consumer culture is starting to have. Can the way we view fashion be changed? Read on to find out more.

Big Profit and Little Care

In some of the most powerful countries in the world you will find cheap clothing lines and high end brands that benefit from a worldwide fashion industry. In fact, America, Japan and Hong Kong all have a piece of the puzzle and are able to profit from the development of the fast fashion industry with little regards to how it harms our environment or the planet we live on.

Living in a Bubble

With this said, it is also important to recognise that the general population play a very important role in this cycle of unsustainability too. After all, the majority of us spend our life living in a bubble. We do not question the process that was undertaken in order to get the garments onto the shop floor so quickly and subsequently the cycle is allowed to continue. Without people to make their voice heard, consumer culture and our blindness to the unethical processes being carried out ultimately damage our planet beyond repair.

Making a Change

Once consumers recognise how the clothing they are purchasing has the potential to severely affect the planet’s wellbeing, it allows them to consider making changes. After all, anyone who can remain a part of such a damaging cycle like the fast fashion industry after knowing what goes on behind the scenes is someone with a lack of compassion. There are many ways to change your habits, such as purchasing clothing that is made to last and is created from high quality materials, recycling old clothing that can be repurposed for use and promoting the ethics behind slow fashion in order to raise awareness.

Here at 2forjoy, we want to make sure that our admiration for creating fashion does not cause harm to the planet we live on. After all, the methods of fast fashion are hardly sustainable as it is. By opting for more ethical fashion routes we are able to create beautiful, good-quality garments that last beyond a season. To find out more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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