Creating a Body Positive Fashion Industry

Over the past decade, the fashion industry has become subject to intense scrutiny over it’s lack of body positivity. After all, the majority of the models on the runway present a seemingly ‘ideal’ female body shape without an inch of cellulite in sight; creating unrealistic ideals and goals for the majority of the population. Recently, however there has been a big focus on the topic and big brands have started to market their fashion towards women of different sizes, shapes and ethnicities in order to create inclusivity. Here at 2forjoy we are strong believers that the fashion should be a place for women of all shapes and sizes to express themselves. Read on to find out more about body positivity within the fashion industry…


One of the biggest things that has helped implement body positivity within the fashion industry is the celebrities who use their platforms in order to raise awareness about the changes that need to be made. Ashley Graham is a plus-sized supermodel who recently became the first model bigger than size 12 to walk the Michael Kors runway. She is also an avid body image activist and works hard to empower women to love their curves. In addition to this, model Chrissy Teigen made headlines in January 2017 after sharing a photograph of her own stretch marks and cellulite as well as actress and singer Zendaya who shared before and after photos of an image of herself that was heavily photoshopped. By talking about the issues within the fashion industry, we can start making the changes that are necessary for a more inclusive fashion industry.

The Size Debate

In fast fashion, it can be difficult to find a size that universally fits your body shapes as each brand will have their own particular measurement to adhere to. Unfortunately, this means that women who may fit into a size 8 pair of jeans in one store may find that the equivalent is size 12 in another. Not only can this be psychologically damaging for young girls, especially when body image issues are increasing each year, it can make it even harder to find clothing of a high quality that fits. Luckily there are many companies on the market that are breaking the barriers and proving that fashion is not an industry reserved for women with the ‘ideal’ mainstream figure.

Here at 2forjoy we are avid supporters of body positivity and inclusivity within the fashion industry for women and men. Our slow fashion clothing is created for sizes 8 to 18 and with the help of our on-site size guide we can be sure that every item will fit perfectly. To find out more information about how 2forjoy works to empower women within the fashion industry, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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