Different Dress Code Meanings

Being invited to an event can be an exciting excuse to get out of the house, however once you receive that invitation and realise there is a dress code you may find yourself looking for any excuse to bail. After all, it can be difficult to understand what is and isn’t considered acceptable attire. Here at 2forjoy we not only understand the importance of quality, we are also well versed in the meaning of different dress codes. Read on to find out the defining factors that separate what you should and shouldn’t wear when it comes to certain dress codes…

Black Tie

As the most formal dress code possible, this one is easy for the men as all they must do is rent out a tuxedo. For the ladies however, a black-tie dress code means that you will require something between a floor length elegant gown to a simple cocktail dress. Whichever one you decide to opt for will depend on the event itself as it may be more appropriate to wear a gown to an awards ceremony however such an outfit may look out of place when worn at a work function.


Events that are business dress coded are much more simple to cater for as many websites tend to have a drop down menu for the attire that you will require. From a fitted blazer to a pant suit, the business dress-code tends to be adopted for very important meetings and events because it presents professionalism at highest mark.


There are a few differences that separate a formal-casual dress code from a casual dress code. After all, the formal element means that you can’t be completely relaxed with your choice of clothing for the event that you have been invited to. With this said, an outfit that could be considered formal casual includes a high-quality pair of trousers coupled with a blouse.


When it comes to a casual dress codes it is very hard to go wrong as you simply wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. After all, this kind of dress code is usually reserved for events with friends and is only stated when there is a risk that guests may overdress for an occasion. Dressing casually doesn’t require much thought as a simple pair of jeans with a shirt will usually be suffice.

Whether you’re looking for something formal or something casual, the team here at 2forjoy have got you covered! In fact, our range of high quality slow fashion attire is built to last beyond a single season so you can use it again and again! From our business dress code Slim-Fit Black Trousers to our casual dress code Oversized Navy T-Shirts, you can find the perfect garment no matter the event with 2forjoy! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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