Different Types of Clothing Sleeves

Designing a garment is more detailed than people tend to think. After all, the style has to be reflected through the choice of neckline, the type of sleeves and the quality of material that the seamstress implements, as these are all important characteristics that help determine the durability of a finished product.

Here at 2forjoy, our clothing range is filled with a variety of different style in order to suit every preference and personality and this means that our shirts and dresses are adorned with a range of sleeve types. Read on to find out the key features of each one…

Raglan Sleeves

Suitable for a wide range of different garments, the raglan sleeve extends in one piece from the collar with a diagonal seam across the collar bone down the underarm. Often the raglan sleeve reaches just below the elbow however it can also extend to the wrist. In fact, this versatile sleeve is perfect for a range of garments including t-shirts and bodycon dresses.

Bishop Sleeves

This style is a contemporary development of the bishop dresses that women would wear during the Victorian era. In fact, the bishop sleeve is characterised by its full length extension that is fitted in two places (just above the elbow and at the wrist), with the fabric in the middle flaring along the forearm. The cuff at the bottom is often adorned with buttons in order to add a splash of embellishment.

Butterfly Sleeves

Used in order to adorn an otherwise sleeveless shirt, the butterfly sleeve is an elegant and feminine touch. They are known as ‘butterfly’ sleeves because the ruffles, which are wider on the bottom, resemble the wings of a butterfly. Since this type of sleeve is more an embellishment, it is perfect for floaty blouses and summer tops.

Long Sleeves

As the most modest sleeve on the market, long sleeves are also the most traditional. After all, their simplicity means that they can be implemented into almost single style of shirt and dress with ease. Depending on the item of clothing, a full length long sleeve generally extends from the neckline all the way down to the wrist and is perfect for just about any garment.

Open Sleeves

As the newest trend to hit the western market, open sleeves give the risqué factor of sleeveless garments with none of the backlash. After all, they are the perfect choice for those who are not completely comfortable bearing their shoulder and are characterised by a missing section of fabric in order to expose the shoulders.

The best thing about fashion is its fluidity and ability to be influenced in order to suit an individuals personal preference. In fact, the industry has developed an assortment of clothing styles that focus on the subtle details like neckline and sleeves in order to allow consumers the ability to pick and choose the clothing that best reflects them. In fact, the 2forjoy team are proud to say that our slow fashion shirts and dresses are adorned with a range of different sleeves, allowing us to cater to every customer without sacrificing durability or quality. Get in contact today to find out more information.  

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