Dressing for British Rain

The UK hardly has the most reliable forecast. After all, the weather can change from blazing sunshine to arctic storms in the blink of an eye and, if there is one thing that Britain is known for, it is the rain.

While it is safe to say that every season comes with its own set of clothing conflicts, getting caught in an unexpected downpour is definitely the one to beat! After all, windswept hair and soggy socks are not the best way to start the day. Read on to find out a few top tips for dressing for the rain…

Weather Forecast

Whether you lay your clothes out the night before or choose what to wear in the morning, you should check the weather forecast in order to get a rough idea of what clothing is acceptable. After all, there is no use dressing for sunshine when it is expected to rain from noon onwards! In fact, the team here at 2forjoy believe that organisation is an important part of dressing for the abrupt arrival of British rain in order to ensure you are never caught without the essentials.

Comfort Conscious

The rain can be depressing which is why you should try to opt for comfort when the sky is grey and lacking promise. In fact, the last thing you want to be doing is balancing in high heels when the ground is slippery so being comfort conscious can also be the safer route too. For example, choose flat shoes with grips and swap out heavy fabrics like jeans for quick dry fabrics instead. With this said, it is important to remember that dressing for comfort doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style.

Hood vs Umbrella

For lots of us, the biggest issue with rainfall is keeping our hair dry. In addition to making you feel cold and miserable, there is nothing worse than spending time styling hair only for an unexpected shower to ruin all your hard work! Therefore, making sure you have a hood or umbrella is paramount when it comes to dressing for the wet weather. Which you choose depends on the activities you have planned. A hood might be more suitable if you are taking the children to school or the dog for a walk whilst an umbrella might be more suited for commuting to cover your bags/laptops for work. Remember, if you choose to wear a jacket without a hood ensure that you pack an umbrella!

With the weather getting more and more unpredictable every year, it is important to remember that preparation is key. Here at 2forjoy, we believe that it is possible to put together an outfit for every season when you know a few inside tips and tricks. That is why our slow fashion range is comprised of a variety of garments that are perfect for every season, including the infamous British rain!  To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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