Empowering Wardrobes for Women

With opinions over what feminism stands for heavily divided, it falls to us all to educate and share information in a bid to pave the way for an equal future. Over the years, women’s fashion has evolved greatly and our Victorian ancestors would grimace at the clothing that the female population wear in the 21st century, or rather, the lack of. After all, Victorian ideals lead women to believe that showing their body to anyone other than their partner was shameful. Whilst these kind of thoughts are largely in the past, women still continue to struggle expressing themselves and their sexuality through their clothing without being judged.

It is hard to believe that 100 years ago it was customary for women to carry out their role as a housewife wearing heavy and rather uncomfortable clothing. From tight corsets to floor length gowns, the idea of baring your neckline for all to see was blasphemy. Thankfully, fashion and media representation has aided the fight for female liberation and allowed experimentation with different styles to take place freely. On the other hand, many women still find themselves at the mercy of certain beauty standards, sizing differences and quality wars. All too often, the female population of the human race are being judge on what they do or do not wear. Read on to find out how 2forjoy can help you and the women you know create an empowering wardrobe filled with confidence…

Ignore the Sizing

Unlike male clothing, which is sized based on realistic body measurement, female clothing is based on the ideal female body type. The problem is that less that ¼ of the population adhere to this sizing, leaving ¾ wondering if there is something wrong with them. After all, it’s hard to feel empowered in your clothing choices when the buttons won’t fasten! A size 8 in one store may be the same as a size 12 in another so the best way to feel body confident is to ignore the sizes and listen to what your body is telling you.

Ignore the Stereotypes

Most women will have been told that a certain item of clothing does not suit their body type. We believe that if you feel confident in a piece of clothing, you should have the right to wear it! Ignoring the serotypes that are aligned within the fashion industry is the best way to find clothing that empowers you. In fact, once you begin doing this you will find that you open your wardrobe with glee rather than dismay!

There is no better feeling than being able to physically feel the quality of the clothing you are wearing. After all, a garment that has had a lot of love and care poured into every single stich is bound to hold a special place in your heart and feed that desire for empowerment. Slow fashion is the perfect clothing choice when it comes to finding quality attire and the team at 2forjoy believe it could be a step forwards for women on the path for liberation regarding their clothing choices. Contact 2forjoy today to find out more!

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