Flattering Your Skin Tone

Fashion can be as simple or as complex as you make it. After all, clothing is made for experimentation and spontaneity. With this said, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is opting for colours that are not flattering, especially when it comes to your skin tone. Of course, since there is such a wide variety of skin tones, it would be virtually impossible to narrow down clothing to such a restriction. Luckily, skin can be categorised into 3 different tones which makes choosing a flattering colour much easier. Read on to find out all about it.

Warm Skin Tones

Celebrities with a warm skin tone include Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba and whilst they have an entire team to find flattering clothing with, it doesn’t really take that many people! For people with this skin tone it is wise to opt for colours that reflect nature such as red, peach, coral and orange. In addition to this, colours that are more vibrant versions of the cool tone are also very flattering such as olive and violet-red.

Cool Skin Tones

If you have a cool skin tone then you are amongst celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Luptia Nyong’o and the best clothing colours are often inspired by the ocean. For example; bright blue, emerald and deep purple look dazzling on such tones. With this skin tone however, it is wise to avoid orange and yellow which can clash completely.

Neutral Skin Tones

The neutral skin tone club is filled with big name celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kerry Washington and Julianne More. In fact, neutral is often the best skin tone to have because it means you can rock any colour on the wheel quite easily, including a true bright red! With this said, you are best opting for soft colours rather than really bright ones (with the except of the red) as well as off-whites, coffee colours and black.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the specifics within certain industries, especially if you are new to the principles. This means that finding flattering colours that suit your skin tone perfectly often come about after years of experimentation and learning in order to understand what looks good. Of course, one aspect that can really enhance skin tone is the quality of the clothing. After all, poorly crafted and faded attire is never going to live up to the standard of quality garments that have been designed with durability in mind. To find out more about our range of slow fashion clothing and how they can flatter your skin tone, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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