How Protocol Shapes Royal Fashion

The British Royal Family have a very distinct and different set of rules to everyone else who currently resides in the UK. From myrtle being included in the wedding bouquet (from Queen Victoria’s 170 year old garden); to an inability to speak publicly of personal political views, being a royal isn’t as straightforward as one would expect.

In fact, a fair percentage of royal etiquette protocol is dictated by the clothing that members of the Royal Family are allowed to wear. With the Duchess of Sussex said to have already broken several rules, the team here at 2forjoy have decided to analyse how protocol dictates the fashion choices of the Royal family…

Prince George and Shorts

Unlike most children his age, Prince George of Cambridge has never been seen wearing trousers in public. Whilst this may seem strange, experts say that this stems from a 16th century royal tradition that dictates how royal princes and princesses must be dressed outside of the palace walls. As a result of these formal protocols, the young Prince is commonly seen wearing small shorts and a buttoned shirt. Only when he reaches 8 years of age will the Royal Prince be permitted to wear trousers like his father.

Ladies and Dress/Skirt Length

Royal fashion is heavily dictated by modesty which means that Royal ladies have to follow a few extra rules when it comes to the clothing that is permitted. For example, skirts and dresses must be knee length or longer and low necklines are strictly off limits expect under special circumstances, something that the Duchess of Cambridge strictly adheres to. In fact, even the Queen herself is thought to request that women wear nude coloured tights to all Royal engagement when skirts or dresses are worn.

The Queen and Bright Colours

Bright coloured outfits are a staple of Her Royal Majesty’s wardrobe, however Royal insiders have suggested that the bold fashion choice may be more political than personal. In fact, the Queens personal assistant was credited as saying that the Monarch adopts bright colours because she knowns she will be easy to spot in a crowd, allowing members of the public the chance to see her.

Kate Middleton and Tiaras

Any fan of the Royal family will know that it is impossible to find a picture of Kate Middleton donning a tiara before her marriage to Prince William in 2011, and that is for a very good reason. This stems from a royal tradition stating that tiaras are reserved for married women of the Royal Family. Traditionally worn at formal events, tiaras are worn by married Royals as a sign of status as well as a subtle indicator that they are not looking for a partner. Now known as the Duchess of Cambridge through marriage, Kate has donned a tiara a total of seven times at public engagements.

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