How to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

There is nothing more traumatic in the world of fashion than buying a new item of clothing, falling in love with it and discovering that it has started to thread just two weeks later. In reality however this is the harsh truth of purchasing clothing that is made through fast fashion. The priority of this industry is to get the clothing from the workshop onto the shop floor as fast as possible and as you may expect, this doesn’t leave much wiggle room for quality. Luckily there are a few solutions. Read on to find out how you can make your clothing last longer.


Living in a country like the UK means that the weather is rarely dependable. One day it will be blazing sunshine and the next there will be torrential downpours. Plus, our seasons are easily differentiated since winter is known for being incredibly cold. This means that you will likely have a bunch of clothing that won’t see the light of day during these chilly few months. Sure, you can stuff them into a bag and call it quits until summer however that won’t do your clothing any favours in the long term. To make the garments last longer it is important to store them correctly. For example, cheap plastic hangers are known to stretch fabrics and suits are best stored away with care.


When it comes to washing clothing most of us stick it into the washing machine and let technology take control however this can have disastrous consequences, especially when it comes to certain materials. It is important that you always check the label of your clothes to see what washing conditions are most appropriate. Generally a cold wash will prevent clothing from fading or becoming threaded.

Support Slow Fashion

Whilst fast fashion is readily available and comes at an incredibly cheap price, it does not offer the quality that it could do. On the other hand, the slow fashion market adopts a philosophy that prioritises clothing quality by using strong, durable materials, and expert stitching to create clothing that will last more than a single month.

The fast fashion industry may be the biggest market around however it is also the most unsustainable and unethical one too. Here at 2forjoy we work with our team and suppliers in order to ensure that the clothing you purchase ranks at a very high standard. After all, if one thing is for certain when it comes to slow fashion attire it is how long the material will last in comparison to fast fashion. To find out more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today.


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