In Praise of... the pencil skirt

Since its initial creation in 1954 by award winning designer Christian Dior, the humble pencil skirt has been a staple in many women’s wardrobes. An office favourite, the style has gained a corporate reputation, however there’s much more to styling a pencil skirt than being the best dressed at a business meeting. Read on for a few more ways to style your pencil skirt this summer…


The pencil skirt has been recognised as office wear for many years and a simple, stylish pencil skirt can make you feel fantastic even if you are just spending your time working hard behind a computer screen! Generally falling below or just in line with the knee, a pencil skirt gives off an air of professionalism whilst allowing you to glam up your look.


Breaking free from the office, the pencil skirt has recently revamped it’s style. In fact, more and more people have begun wearing the once predominately formal article of clothing in a more casual way. Casually styling a pencil skirt is perfect for those days when you just don’t want to wear jeans and, rather than feeling under dressed for a catch up with friends or trip to the movies, a dressed down pencil skirt fits the bill perfectly. Wear your chosen skirt with a pair of sandals, trainers or ballerina flats and tuck in your favourite T-Shirt for a stylish off-duty look.


The best thing about the pencil skirt is its adaptability. In fact, it is quite easy to turn your office outfit into an evening outfit when you’re strapped for time. All it takes is a few simple clothing swaps! For example, replacing your office shirt with something that sparkles or a crop top and tossing out the work shoes in place of some statement heels is all the preparation required to get you ready for an evening on the town!

A pencil skirt is a key item in any wardrobe and it’s about time that they received the praise they deserve! Here at 2forjoy, our range of pencil skirts come in three styles and they all adhere to the ethics of slow fashion; something we hold very close to our heart. Whether you’re looking to go corporate with our navy or black colours or strutting your stuff at a summer wedding with our leaf or floral print style; we’ve got you covered! To view our range of skirts, click here.

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