Is Slow Fashion the future of the fashion industry?

There is a fashion revolution taking place within the clothing industry and slow fashion is at the heart of it. With several different companies competing to get their products out of the warehouse and into the hands of consumers in record time, it is easy to fall out of sync with the varying paces of life.

In fact, there is no industry where this demand is more apparent than the world of fashion and, in particular, fast fashion. The damaging ideology and harmful ethics behind this million-pound industry are hidden from sight with red tag sale stickers and cheap fabrics that draw the attention of shoppers all over the world. The slow fashion movement stands behind the philosophy of buying with a conscience and investing money into clothing designed to transcend seasons. Since slow fashion is something we hold in high regard at 2forjoy, we believe it could be the future of the fashion industry. Read more to see why…


If we take a look at the value of the fashion industry, it stands at a staggering £28bn in the UK alone. However, it’s not hard to see that a large portion of this figure is made up from the sales of fast fashion, where thousands of pounds worth of cheaply manufactured stock is shipped within three weeks of the bulk order being received. The demand of fast fashion is so unsustainable that the industry is on the verge of collapsing at any moment. We simply require the clothing faster that it can be made. Fast fashion relies very heavily on the labour of poorly paid workers and unsafe employment conditions in order to meet these demands. On the other hand, slow fashion places its focus on sustainability, in order to produce clothing that will last. Whilst this often means that slow fashion clothing is at a higher price point and takes considerably longer to reach the hands of the consumer, the ethics and philosophy behind the purchase means it is a more viable way to produce clothing.

Green is Good

In the past, we have been blind to the ways we have affected our bodies and harmed the environment due to a lack of knowledge. In fact, during the 1950’s, it was not uncommon for doctors to offer pregnant women a cigarette during their prenatal check-ups in order to reduce anxiety. Now we know that this practice is very harmful for both mother and child. Similarly, the way the fashion industry affects our environment is gradually being highlighted in mainstream media. Over the years, the methods we can adopt to lower these effects have become very popular, such as reducing waste, recycling and working to lower the amount of greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere. At 2forjoy, we believe our clothes are ‘forever essentials’; clothes which will be worn again and again. We don’t believe in throwaway fashion and so our garments are designed to last beyond a season.  

The fashion industry is expanding every year and it’s difficult to see the conditions that some workers are forced to endure, in order to earn an unfair wage within the fast fashion industry. The team at 2forjoy sow the ethics of slow fashion into each and every item we sell, so you can shop with confidence, knowing we have paid a fair price to our suppliers and have produced a quality garment. The industry is both sustainable in terms of clothing quality and workers’ rights and it isn’t hard to see why the industry is thought to be the future of the fashion world.

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