Is Your Blazer a Perfect Fit?

Although the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are falling, the blazer is a statement style that has the potential to stick around all year long when you know how to approach it. After all, the way a garment fits is just as important as the quality and durability of the material.

Here at 2forjoy, we believe that the blazer is a wardrobe essential that has the power to command the professional environment of the office with ease and can be worn off-duty with jeans and a T-shirt. In this article we are going to go over a few top tips that can help you ensure a perfect fit…


When you purchase a blazer, you should pay attention to the shoulders in order to ensure that the seam sits comfortably. After all, it should land just where your shoulder ends. If it is too close to your neck then it is likely too small and if it droops over the edge then it is likely too big. With this said, it is important to take into consideration how broad your shoulders are as sometimes, you may benefit from tailoring rather than choosing a smaller/bigger size.


It is important to remember that blazers come in a range of different styles and that the fit will be dependent on the style that you are wearing. For example, ¾ sleeved blazers will have an arm length that falls just below the elbow and cropped style blazers are designed with the hem in the middle of the waist. If you are looking for a blazer that is suited exactly to your measurement then you may want to consult the help of a professional seamstress. Ideally, however the arms of a regular blazer should fall in line with the wrist bones.


One easy way to tell whether a blazer fits or not is to test the buttons. After all, there shouldn’t be any pulling and the blazer should look comfortable when it is fastened. With this said, women should also take into consideration their bust size as this can play an influential role in the style of blazer that they purchase. For example, a double-breasted blazer, which has overlapping flaps and two columns of buttons, is more suited towards women with a smaller bust whereas a single-breasted blazer, which just has one column of buttons, tend to look better on women with bigger busts.

Whilst the blazer definitely demands respect in the boardroom, it is a garment suited to variety which means that it can help sophisticate a casual outfit for a lunch date in a matter of seconds. In fact, when you take the steps necessary to ensure a perfect fit, your confidence will see a boost like never before! Here at 2forjoy, our knitted blazers in black marl and grey marl are made with our slow fashion philosophy in mind in order to ensure that you can reap the benefits all year round! To find out more, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today. 

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