January Jumpers: The Best Ways to Style a Sweater

One of the most important winter wardrobe staples has to be the jumper. Knitted items of clothing offer maximum comfort and warmth without sacrificing style and even have the potential to be the piece that completes your entire look. After all, there are dozens of ways to wear a jumper. Also known as a sweater in American English, the team here at 2forjoy want to make sure that you are as on trend as you can possibly be for 2018. Read on to find out the best ways to style your jumper this January…

Layering with a Collar

Whilst they are perfectly suitable during autumn, a thin jumper just isn’t warm enough to wear during winter. Luckily there are ways to wear that favourite one you’ve had stuck in the back of your wardrobe since Halloween without freezing to death waiting for the bus in the morning and it involves the age-old trick of layering! Simply get yourself a collared shirt that complements the style and colour of your jumper and place it underneath. The best thing about this approach is that you can choose to fasten the top buttons for a more conservative look or leave them open for a more relaxed look.

Oversize It

A jumper that fits perfectly is a wardrobe necessity but for those days where you need a bit of room to breathe are when an oversized jumper can be a lifesaver. After all, wearing intentionally oversized clothing has become quite fashionable of late and this approach to sweater styling can not only keep you warm during the January freeze, it will also keep you looking chic. An oversized jumper can be paired with the likes of jeans and skirts and some of them are even long enough that they can be worn as a dress!

All the Patterns

Most knitted jumpers do not come with patterns on them; however more companies are adding things like stripes into the designs in order to appeal to a wider consumer base. Whilst there will be many people that prefer to stick to the traditional design, stripes can be a fun pattern to play around with when it comes to a jumper. After all, the goal of clothing is to create a stylish balance and horizontal or vertical stripes can help you reach equilibrium when there is an uneven volume. In fact, research has shown that horizontal stripes can make you look thinner.

The idea of staying warm during winter can be difficult for the more stylish amongst us who don’t want to spend the season in thermal leggings and hoodies. Luckily, jumpers have got our back and the variety of ways that they can be styled means that there is no need for any January fashion faux pas! Here at 2forjoy our jumper range is created with the durability and high quality of slow fashion in mind in order to create clothing that will last the entire winter season! Get in contact with a member of the team to find out more information today.

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