Our Guide to Stylish Layering

In a country with such unpredictable weather, it is not uncommon for the British to layer their clothing in order to ensure they remain both warm and dry. After all, sunny spells in the morning don’t necessarily mean that the heavens won’t open later that evening. Whilst you can always carry an umbrella and hope for the best, it’s no secret that the days in between the summer heat wave and winter gridlocks are unquestionably the hardest days to style when it comes to clothing. Thankfully, layering is the answer we’ve all been looking for. By adopting several garments that are light, it provides much-needed flexibility should the weather change. Read our simple guide below…

Layering Smart Clothing

When it comes to smart clothing, it is a good idea to stick to subtle colours and keep brighter clothing in the wardrobe. Whilst an eye-catching shade may make your outfit look more exciting, it can be overwhelming for smart attire. Over the top of a subtle coloured t-shirt or jumper, place your bulkiest piece of clothing, which is more than often a jacket or coat. By ensuring that the heaviest or thickest item is at the very top, you can avoid the fabric bunching underneath a thinner piece of clothing that cannot support it. It is also easily removed for smart settings like job interviews or meetings.

Layering Casual Clothing

Keeping it casual is all about making your shades contrast correctly. After all, an outfit that is too bright will come across as loud and over stimulating in the wrong environment where as an outfit that doesn’t adopt more than one colour will appear unimaginative and dull. To layer casual clothing, balance your light and dark garments so that they communicate perfectly with each other. With this said, it is also important to ensure that the materials complement each other too. Add depth to your outfit by experimenting with textures. When layering clothing, it should look deliberate yet appear as if it fell into place on its own. Contrasting the textures – such as a cotton jacket with rough Demin – and ensuring the colours are similar is the perfect way to layer casually without sacrificing style.

The art of layering clothing is not reserved exclusively for comfort, being also a way of styling clothing to dress up or dress down a particular outfit. After all, it only takes is the simple addition or subtraction of a single piece of clothing to change the how an outfit looks. The team here at 2forjoy believe that layering clothing is a wonderful way for people to experiment with fashion and our range of clothing is all made with slow fashion in mind, a principle we hold very dear to our hearts. For more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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