Preparing Your Autumn Wardrobe

As much as we may daydream about prolonging the sandals, sunglasses, loose fitting clothing and everything else associated with summer there comes a time when a wardrobe reshuffle is required in order to make way for the weather changes that are silently looming. Whilst the UK doesn’t exactly receive the most reliable visits from mother nature, it pays to be prepared! Read on to find out how you can prepare your wardrobe for Autumn…

Separate Biannually

Unless you are one of the lucky few that happen to have a vast amount of space in your wardrobe, it is very likely that you won’t be able to fit all of your clothing into such a tiny space. After all, each item you own should be cared for to the best of your abilities. One way to ensure that you don’t have garments clogging up your precious closet space is to separate them twice a year and autumn is the perfect season to kick this off since it is getting colder. After all, autumn and winter are the times of the year that you need to prioritise jumpers, jeans and everything warm and letting your summer shirts to take up this space with no intention of wearing them is unnecessary. Simply remove and store them carefully for the warmer seasons!

Stay Organised

The best way to keep on top of everything fashion related is to get organised and there are many ways you can do this when it comes to autumn. Since the weather is always changing during this season, it is important that you check the forecast before you style your outfit. After all, the last thing you want to do is dress for a breezy day only to discover that it will get considerably warmer in the afternoon. Another way to stay organised is to try and plan your outfits ahead of time as this way you can save valuable time on a busy morning.

Buy What You Need

Autumn is when the high street fast fashion brands bring out the red sticker sale tags in a bid to try to flog the remaining summer stock and since we operate on a slow fashion ideology, we say that you should stay as far away as possible. Whilst these sale prices may look enticing, you often end up purchasing items that you do not require which won’t serve you very well in the long run since the quality is poor. It is recommended that you purchase items as and when you really need them this autumn in order to save both wardrobe space and your bank balance. That way you can invest in quality over quantity.

The change in season can affect each person differently. For example, those who find pleasure in cosy jumpers and big coats will enjoy the autumn experience whilst those who long for the warmer days may struggle. Thankfully there is no need to have a clothing meltdown when you are prepared. Here at 2forjoy, we have a range of different ethical fashion choices that are certain to complete any autumn wardrobe so not only can you have a guilt free warm closet, you can look pretty stylish too! For more information, speak to a member of 2forjoy team today.

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