Should We Invest In Ethical Fashion?

The premise of fast fashion is a part of normal life for consumers who have never known any different. It is only until the secrets behind this industry are revealed that people begin to consider making a change to their fashion choices. From one point of view, some say that ethical fashion is the polar opposite of fast fashion since it focuses heavily on conditions that cover worker exploitation, fair trade and sustainability.

For many people, the idea of slow fashion and subsequently ethical fashion is a confusing one. After all, a rather large lifestyle change is made to an industry where the benefits are not immediately obvious. Due to this, shoppers find that their cash doesn’t afford them as many shopping bags at the end of the day and the price tags are enough to make slow fashion beginners wince. Here at 2forjoy, we want to urge members of the public to leave behind the harmful fast fashion trade. Read on to see why we should invest in the ethical fashion movement instead…

What is ethical fashion?

If you were to define the world ethical, it would describe something that is ‘morally right or acceptable’. With this in mind, the ethical fashion movement is an alternative approach to the fashion industry, in particular the designing, sourcing and manufacturing methods that are used. In fast fashion speed is of the essence so little thought is put into any of these three elements. On the other hand, ethical fashion prioritises employee rights and working conditions in order to create an industry that is both safe and sustainable.

Following on from this, putting additional thought into these elements of clothing manufacture maximises the quality of the clothing whilst reducing the effect of their creation on the environment.

Investing in Ethics

On the high street, red stickers signalling a sale are an immediate attention-grabber and if you look closely, these sales are often an ongoing display throughout the whole year even though they are marketed to only be a seasonal occurrence. The supply and demand of fast fashion means that consumers can return home with handfuls of bags from a whole range of high street brands, however in order to satisfy this consumer demand, the ethics within fast fashion are put to one side and it is not uncommon for children as young as eight to be working in sweatshops for 12 hours a day for little pay.

Since a lot of time and effort is place into sourcing the fabrics and supplying workers with a safe working environment within ethical fashion, the price tag associated with slow fashion garments is higher and the clothing takes longer to reach the buyers hands. Here at 2forjoy, we see this as an investment in both quality and ethics since we don’t believe in disposable fashion and strive to ensure that all of our clothing lasts longer than a season.

The media has ingrained in our minds that fashion is made to change every season in order to keep the fast fashion industry afloat. By selling low quality clothing for sale prices, consumers find themselves back in the store making further purchases just several weeks after making their original payment.

The ideology of ethical fashion promotes well sourced materials in order to create quality attire that will outlast the clothing of the fast fashion industry by several seasons. Here at 2forjoy, investing in ethical fashion is something we feel very strongly about and we run our business by adhering to the concepts surrounding these ideals. For more information, speak to a member of the team today!

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