The Differences Between Denim and Chambray

The fashion novice will often miss the key characteristics that differentiate materials like denim and chambray from one another. After all, at first glance they look incredibly similar. Here at 2forjoy we believe that educating the fashion gurus of tomorrow is the only way to ensure that the correct information is passed on through the generations. Read on to find out what the differences between denim and chambray are…


Both denim and chambray share quite a few characteristics. For example, both items are made by weaving cotton together. With this said, even though many people presume that the fabric is the main difference that separates them both, it is actually the way the fabric is woven.

During the construction of chambray, a plain weave is adopted and this method takes single strands of a coloured thread and single strands of a white thread in order to create a fabric that is incredibly soft and light. On the other hand, denim is constructed using a twill pattern kind of weave, which uses double strands of thread instead of the single that is used in chambray. The result of this means that denim is thicker and heavier and has a much rougher texture.

How to Wear

Since chambray is a much more versatile fabric it can be worn in a variety of different ways. In fact, it’s lightness makes it incredibly suitable for those days when the temperatures are high as it will provide the necessary breathing room that is required for the humidity of summer. A chambray shirt should be a staple addition to every wardrobe since it can be incorporated into a range of different outfits with incredible ease. With this said, as denim is a much thicker fabric it isn’t often used during the construction of shirts however it is a staple for jean pants. After all, the material is strong enough to offer support and doesn’t restrict movement as much.

Here at 2forjoy we believe that creating clothing using natural fibres is an important step on the road to ethical methods being implemented across the entire fashion industry. In fact, our Blue Chambray Dress is created using 100% cotton and comes with an attached belt in order to form the perfect summer garment! For more information about 2forjoys ethical fashion philosophy, get in contact with a member of the team today.

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