The Importance of Colour

If you are looking for the most vital component in the fashion industry, it has to be colour. Changing this simple element can modify a design in an instant, making a garment suitable for a different time of year and it can even alter our mood. What else could you wish for? In fact, a study that was conducted by the Institute for Colour Research found that the average person subconsciously forms a judgement on a place, person or thing within 90 seconds of the initial meeting and between 62% and 87% of that judgement is based on colours. Read on to find out why colour is so important in fashion.

Colour Psychology

From a psychological standpoint colour has always had an effect on the way that our mind perceives things and clothing is no different. Whilst the way that people perceive a certain colour can differ greatly, there is no denying that it does indeed have an impact. For example, colours like blue can make us feel cold whilst also suggesting calm. On the other hand, red and orange are warm and suggestive of power.


Just like the fashion industry itself, colour branches off into its own subcategory in terms of trends. For example, a during the 90’s we saw more subdued colours like grey, black and dark green become mainstream, whilst in the disco 70’s, it was all about bright yellows, dazzling oranges and neon greens. Pantone, a system used to match colours, is recognised as the authority on differing tones and shades of colour and is adopted by many designers in order to plan and market their seasonal ranges.


From a cultural point of view, colour plays a vital role. It is associated with religions, sports teams, flags and of course, political parties. Whilst this has little to do with fashion, it does influence the colour of clothing those who associate themselves with different groups or organisations choose to wear. For example, during campaigning it is not uncommon to see Labour members wearing their signature red colour. This only goes to show the impact that one single element of clothing can make.

Since colour plays such a substantial role within the fashion industry, we find that it is important to ensure we make our slow fashion garments available to a very wide colour market. From sensual reds to subtle navy, 2forjoy have an extensive array of attire that is both ethically produced and incredibly durable. Plus, our superior stitch work and high-quality material only establishes how hard we work in order to produce some of the most enduring clothing on the market that is available in a wide range of colours. For more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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