The Necklines of Fashion

Fashion serves as an umbrella for a range of different designs, styles and patterns. After all, there are extravagant items found on a catwalk that fall within the definition of fashion but are otherwise far too impractical for everyday wear. This is because fashion is an expression of and a way to creatively experiment with your style. One of the many aspects of clothing which varies greatly and can change the look of a garment substantially, is the neckline. Read on to find out how necklines can differ.

The Plunge

A common neckline often used on dresses, this style sees a low cut being adopted at the front of the garment. Sometimes plunges are ‘U’ shaped or ‘V’ shaped.

The Scoop

Found on more casual dresses in comparison to the plunge, this type of neckline is characterised by a deep and wide cut in the front. In fact, this type of neckline has become increasingly popular in men’s fashion, however the initial market was in female clothing.

The Boat

Similar to the scoop neckline but not as deep, the boat is a much wider kind of style which passes over the collarbones and hangs onto the shoulders, creating a chic and stylish look often used in cocktail dresses.  

The Halter

A more modern neckline, this style sees fabric used around the neck in order to cover the entire chest whilst the arms and shoulders are left bare. It is perfect for a less formal setting like holiday wear.

The Sweetheart

This neckline places its focus on the chest where the fabric is cut in order to create a design that resembles the top of a heart shape.

One Shoulder

A style that was popular during the 90’s, the one shoulder neckline is a style which sees a single strap being place over one shoulder whilst the other is left bare. The asymmetry of this design can be elegant and modest.

Off the Shoulder

Also known as a ‘strapless’ garment, the off the shoulder neckline is a type of style which relies completely on the fit to stay on since no fabric is passed over the shoulders or close to the neck. It can be worn very elegantly and is often see in prom dresses.

The range of necklines that are available to choose from only add to the versatility of the fashion industry and allow for major experimentation. In fact, some experts say that there is a certain style of neckline that suits us all individually. Why not try our Anyway Dresses and experiment to find a neckline to suit you? Here at 2forjoy, we strive to ensure that every single garment we produce characterises the flexibility of the industry without sacrificing our slow fashion value. After all, our belief that clothing should last beyond a single season is something we hold very near to our hearts. For more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today!

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