The Rapid Change of Fashion Trends

It can be difficult to keep up with the world of fashion in the 21st century. After all, we are no longer governed by extreme social standard that dictate how we can and cannot dress, social media and the internet are able to play a big part in the clothing that ends up in stores and as a generation, nobody can seem to make up their mind! In fact, fashion trends are changing rapidly every season and it seems as though when a new trend is discovered, others are forgotten, and are now an embarrassing memory bank of styles. Read on to find out about the rapid change that has been occurring in fashion trends…


In the past, people were told what they could and could not wear and strict social standards were in place that influenced what both men and women wore, leaving little room for experimentation, development and trends. For example, women were expected to wear long gowns with several layers to cover as much skin as possible whereas men would often adorn formal attire such as suits and top hats. Of course, times have changed and fashion has become influenced by many different outlets. Hollywood brought attention to the shapelessness of female clothing which lead to the introduction of more figure hugging clothing. In addition to this, fashion is now influenced by social media; it only takes one person to share an idea regarding fashion and it becomes a viral trend. Take the choker for example, which earned its modern adaption due to social media.

Gender Clothing Equality

In addition to this, clothing is no longer regulated by gender which allows for trends to cross boundaries. Once thought to be an item for women, skinny jeans are now a favourite in men’s fashion. In addition to this, the popular media content of the decade can influence clothing styles for both genders. For example, bootcut jeans are a style that was popular during the 60’s and 70’s, targeted primarily towards men. It was the 90’s however that brought them into the female market and began a whole new trend.

Fast Fashion

One of the biggest contributors to the constant trend changes within fashion has to be the fast fashion industry. After all, this industry is built upon the idea of manufacturing clothing and getting it onto the shop floor as fast as possible which allows for these new trends to be implemented in record timing. Unfortunately, this industry is incredibly unstable and often results in low quality clothing.

Here at 2forjoy our clothing philosophy prioritises high quality attire above the demand of the industry. After all, an item that is built to withstand the pressures of several seasons of wearing is one that you will benefit from in the long run, compared to an item that was cheapy manufactured in order to adhere to the latest fashion trends. Not only are these items significantly lacking in quality, they will become obsolete as soon as the next trend takes over. The team here at 2forjoy believe that crafting clothing with regards to the standards of slow fashion is one way to avoid such situations as the garments are made to last several seasons without reducing the quality so that you can fit in with the trends without breaking the bank. For more information, contact a member of the team today.

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