The Role of Modesty Within Fashion

Fashion is so diverse that there are many different interpretations of trends. Here at 2forjoy, we have noticed the return of modesty within high fashion which is why we have decided to analyse it in detail in order to gain an understanding of its role and impact. Read on to find out more…

The Definition

Modesty has a different meaning depending on the person you ask, especially when it comes to fashion. With this said, the general definition states that modest fashion is a trend that involves wearing clothing that doesn’t reveal too much skin. Once upon a time, it was made up of a small community however the trend is quickly growing in popularity, developing new and unique interpretations at the same time.

Victorian Fashion

Almost 200 years ago, women were bound by strict expectations when it came to fashion and modesty. For example, the gowns that women wore were almost always floor length and something as simple as a man seeing a lady’s ankles was incredibly undesirable. In fact, much of the clothing that women wore would also cover the neck as a visible neckline was unpopular too.

The Role of Religion

Perhaps the most well-known religion that implements modesty in the form of fashion has got to be Islam. In fact, the ideology behind Muslim headwear is vastly misunderstood and many women in 21st century Britain wear the hijab out of freewill. Contrary to what the press reports, many say that the modesty it provides allows them to feel connected to their religion and is also thought of as empowering. 

Modern Modesty

Although women in society still face derision due to their choice of clothing, there is a much more relaxed approach to exposure in fashion, especially when it comes to sexuality and femininity. With this said, more and more women are starting to embrace modesty in their wardrobe. In fact, in May 2018 it was even a key component during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, with models donning floor length dresses, long sleeves and high necklines.

It is hard to deny that the profile for modesty in fashion is rising. After all, women now have the ability to choose what they wear rather than dressing in order to adhere to the expectations of society, like during the Victoria era. In fact, the simplicity of modern fashion is something that can be emulated through our slow fashion range. Specialising in durability and longevity, we believe that our attire is the perfect tool to experiment with your style. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today. 

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