The Royal Fashion of Queen Elizabeth II

Long before Diana, Queen Elizabeth II was the ultimate fashion icon and during her 65-year reign, we have seen her wear some of the most elegant garments like no other royal before. In fact, many of these have become iconic. Since Her Royal Majesty is approaching her 92nd birthday on April 21st, the team here at 2forjoy have decided to look at some of the most memorial signatures of the Queens’ fashion and style…

Rainbow Love

Queen Elizabeth II is known for sporting bright and eye-catching two-piece collections. In fact, we like to think that nobody other than Her Majesty could pull off such wild outfits. From the yellow royal wedding number designed by Angela Kelly to the neon green outfit designed by Stewart Parvin worn for her 90th birthday celebration, The Queen and her bright outfits are almost a trademark of British royalty. Colour has been a visual and important aspect of fashion since the beginning and our Pleat Back Orange Cardigan will certainly allow you to embrace your inner royal!

Knee Length

Traditional royal dress codes dictate that all dresses must be knee-length or below and Her Royal Majesty makes sure that every outfit does just that. In fact, whilst the Duchess of Cambridge has embraced the relaxed attitude towards female fashion and worn many outfits with skirts that fall above the knee, Queen Elizabeth II likes to follow royal etiquette down to a T. For knee-length attire, our range of skirts are perfect for mirroring the modesty of Her Royal Majesty.


The Queen is well regarded for her collection of handbags and hats. In fact, these accessories only add to her fashion and style in a way like never before. Of course, it can be difficult for the average commoner to pull off without the diamonds and pearls that come with being a monarch, however Her Royal Majesty is known to colour co-ordinate her accessories with her outfit and add large but simple pieces of jewellery, which is something that anybody can do!

It is no secret that Her Royal Majesty is a fan of bright colours and here at 2forjoy our range of slow fashion attire includes a range of dazzling garments certain to make you feel like royalty. In fact, the detail that goes into the stitch work and craftmanship of our attire only show how much care we put into every single item. To find out more information about how the fashion of Queen Elizabeth II can be emulated through our product range, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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