The Slow Fashion Transition

Deciding to make the swap from fast fashion clothing to the world of slow and ethically produced clothing can be daunting move. Depending on your current shopping style, it can be hard to break the habits that have been forged over years upon years of living the same old routine. In fact, whilst it can be a shock to discover the truth behind the clothing that graces the fashion high street brands, the world of slow fashion is a whole new world that can be just as startling. Luckily, the 2forjoy team are available to help you make your way. Read on to find out how to make the slow fashion transition…

Take It Slow

The worst thing that you can do once you’ve decided to make the swap is immediately empty your current wardrobe. It isn’t a race and you will end up with nothing to wear! After all, slow fashion clothing is costly and nobody can afford to invest that much so soon. Start by taking your time to examine your existing clothing and decide what low-quality items are read for the charity shop and which ones you never wear and remove them first.

Wear What You Buy

Did you know that a value of 2.7 billion pounds worth of unworn clothing currently sits in the wardrobes of British homes?! It is safe to say that these garments would serve a much better purpose in the homes of someone who will use them on a regular basis. When you begin the transition to slow fashion clothing, you should adopt the mantra ‘wear and don’t buy’ which simply means you should cherish the clothing you own now instead of buying more similar items. After all, high quality clothing is an investment that will last for seasons and the last thing you will do is buy more of the same thing just because you can, something that the fast fashion industry encourages.

What Comes Next?

Taking control of your wardrobe and understanding your style is a vital part of swapping fast fashion for slow fashion, however many people are left longing for the next big thing and since you cannot splurge in the high streets on pay day with this new clothing ethos, you have to be disciplined and wise. You should prioritise the quality of your clothing before you purchase it and always ensure that you are buying it because you need it rather than want it. After all, the last thing you want to do is invest £70 into a dress that will dazzle the wardrobe rather than the dance floor!

When you decide to make such a big change, it is normal to start having doubts about your decision. After all, the days of browsing the high street stores are in the past and you will have to say goodbye to the clothing inside your wardrobe eventually. Here at 2forjoy, we like to ensure that our slow fashion ethos is presented in several ways so that customers understand the quality that they are receiving which is why we work very closely with our suppliers in order to a create long term and beneficial relationship that is as sustainable as our industry. For more information, speak to a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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