The Truth About Fashion Discounts

The reason why fast fashion has managed to hold onto the top spot for so long is because it knows how to manipulate shoppers; roping them into a never-ending cycle that involves buying ‘cheap’ clothing destined to fall apart and require replacing a few weeks later.

In fact, clothing discounts are just one way that high street stores manage to grab the attention of naive shoppers who simply don’t know any better. Read on to find out more as the 2forjoy team expose the truth about red tag ticket sales… 

Misleading Consumers

In most high street stores, the average t-shirt retails between £12 and £20, which is a potential profit margin of 80% on every purchase that a consumer makes. The problem is that this clothing is sold for such an inflated price that consumers lose all self-restraint as soon they are slapped with a red tag SALE ticket. After all, these consumers believe that they are getting a bargain when in actual fact the production company is still making a ton of profit because the clothing is so cheap to produce in the first place.

Society’s Ignorance

Clothes shopping has become something we do to pass the time rather than a necessity of life. In fact, people would religiously repair their clothing in the past in order to ensure that it would last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, the implementation of mass production opened the door to cheap and unsustainable methods and society has now become ignorant, with statistics suggesting that 65% of consumers have no idea what goes on behind the scene in fashion product. In fact, our collective passivity to the reality behind fast fashion discounts only fuels that industry even further and allows them to continue taking advantage of the everyday consumer.

If there is one thing that the 2forjoy team can guarantee, it is quality. After all, there is a misconception that slow fashion is too expensive for the average shopper, however it is all about investing in your wardrobe and making durability led decisions in order to ensure that your purchases last beyond a single season. 

Although SALE stickers are enticing, the reality is that they don’t offer as much of discount as they appear to because the bosses at the top of the fashion food chain scheme with intent in order to increase their profits. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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