The Unspoken Rules of Formal Office Attire

The majority of professional working environments require staff to abide by a formal dress code. With this said, migrating from the comfort of a uniform to the elegance of a fitted suit can be difficult to navigate.

Here at 2forjoy, we believe that every suit and tie worker in 2018 should be able to put together a basic office outfit and in this article, we have decided to go over some of the most important, yet unspoken, rules that you should take into consideration. Read on to find out more…

The Right Fit

If your office dress code is strict then it is important that you take the time to invest in your clothing. In fact, many workers who have to dress formally tend to have their clothing tailored to their measurements in order to look more professional. After all, the clothing in many high street stores uses average measurements and nothing gives off a bad impression like baggy white collared shirts and skirts that are too long.


Working in an office usually involves dealing with clients face to face so it is important that you dress accordingly. For men this may involve a suit and tie whereas women can get away with more variety in their clothing choices. People often go for a more modest approach when choosing their office attire, such as wearing a skirt that falls just above the knee or longer; and men should ensure that their top button is fastened, their tie is polished and their shirt is tucked in.

Neutral Colours

For ‘boardroom attire’ dress codes, people usually stick to neutral colours like black, navy, grey and white. After all, these are the most common colours in workwear fashion and have actually been the focus of research that proved that workers dressed in these colours are more likely to be taken seriously. With this said, offices often welcome a splash of colour, and this can also make you stand out from the crowd, drawing people’s attention to you, which is no bad thing if you are giving a presentation or want to air your ideas and opinions!

Dressing for success is one of the biggest components that employers look for when they are adding people to their team. After all, you have to look the part when you are working in such professional environments and formal office attire is only the tip of the iceberg as many companies will also place a huge emphasis on the tidiness of staffs’ general appearance too. Here at 2forjoy, we have a range of formal attire that are all made as part of our slow fashion philosophy, including our Knitted Blazer, Slim-Fit Trousers and Layered Blouse! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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