The Weight of Different Fabrics

The quality of the clothing we purchase and wear depends on a whole range of different factors. From the materials used to the type of stitching that has been adopted, one single aspect could be the defining factor between a low quality piece of clothing and a high quality piece of clothing. In fact, the weight of certain fabrics can make a rather big difference to the outcome of how it is woven and the quality of the finished product. Read on to find out more about the weight of different fabrics…


Metric measurements are used in order to determine how much a piece of fabric weighs. It stands for ‘grams per square metre’ and the general rules dictates that that a higher GSM rating means a piece of fabric is denser. Each fabric can be separated into three different groups depending on its weight and GSM rating.

  • Lightweight fabrics have a GSM rating of 30-150 and include fabrics like chiffon, lace and linen.
  • Medium weight fabrics have a GSM rating of 150-250 and include fabrics like sateen, velvet and oxford.
  • Heavy weight fabrics have a GSM rating of 350 or more and include fabrics like canvas, denim and poplin.


It is said that the heavier a piece of fabric is in terms of is GSM, the thicker that it will be however it is important to remember that this weight does not tell you how thick it will actually be. This is because some fabrics have different weaves and fibres that can result in a different thickness regardless of the weight.


Many people presume that a thicker piece of fabric is a high quality piece of fabric however quality is the result of many different aspects. Certain weaving patterns can result in a lower quality piece of clothing whereas certain stitches can dictate how strong a garment will be.

Choosing the Best Fabric

On the other hand, the choice of fabric is important when you have to decide between two that have different weights but are similar in terms of style. For example, a cotton shirt may have a higher GSM rating than another similar cotton shirt however due to this higher GSM rating, it is likely to be more hard wearing and last longer.

The idea of clothing quality is something that we prioritise greatly here at 2forjoy which is why we work with our slow fashion ethos closely in order to ensure that we create clothing that will last beyond a single season and the weight of certain fabrics plays a large role in this process. For more information, contact 2forjoy today!

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