What’s Hot This Autumn

As a business which relies on the experimentation and development of fashion it’s safe to say that the team here at 2forjoy must be up to date on all of the hottest trends that are just about to hit the market this autumn. After all colours, textures, designs and patterns are a constantly changing and it is not uncommon to find that fast fashion clothing very quickly goes out of style almost immediately after you have purchased it. Since we operate under the ethos of ethical fashion it is important that we create clothing that will remain stylish enough to last multiple seasons whilst staying on par with the popular trends. Read on to find out what is predicted to be hot this autumn…


The colour of danger and suspense is back with a bang this autumn and it is expected to worm its way into the winter season too. After all, red is the colour of Christmas! However, with autumn just around the corner it is hard to deny the warming effect that this shade is able to have over the general public. In fact, dressing in red is both powerful and bold which is why it’s sure to be a hit this season!


Despite what you may think, plaid doesn’t necessarily mean a one-way ticket back to the 90’s; we’re talking about the bright style of plaid that was popular in the 70’s. Whilst some may say it’s unrealistic to expect it to make a comeback, anything is possible! With the versatility of the available prints and colours, the addition of plaid in your autumn wardrobe is certain to be a winner.


Naturally some may think that flower arrangements belong in summer however they have been growing in popularity over the past several seasons. Whether you prefer subtle florals, bright colours or a more vintage style you’ll be happy to know that you can flaunt your favourites once again this autumn as the floral design is expected to make an appearance!

When fashion is evolving at such a rapid speed it is important that those interested in the changes are vigilant in order to keep on top of the latest trends. Here at 2forjoy, we value the idea of both ethical fashion and ethical practice which is why we not only ensure that our clothing is crafted in a way that causes minimal harm to the environment; we also aim to increase the transparency within our industry supply chain so that other people are able to see what actions take place to get a clothing order to its final destination without sacrificing the trends of a season. For more information, contact 2forjoy today!


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