Why Ethical Fashion is Important

Here at 2forjoy we pride ourselves on our understanding of responsible sourcing within the fashion industry and work tirelessly in order to ensure that the clothing we produce doesn’t take advantage of foreign workers for consumer benefit. We believe that companies should be more responsible in their sourcing of garments and think there needs to be a more ethical approach to fashion sooner rather than later. Read on to find out more.

Abuse of Power

The clothing that is created through fast fashion is often produced through the blood, sweat and tears of underaged and underpaid workers living in foreign countries and the fast fashion industry has chosen to adopt these unethical methods in order to keep up with the unsustainable demand that developed countries require. Supporting, purchasing and raising awareness for ethical fashion is extremely important in order to ensure that our desire for beautiful clothing does not impact the lives of people we will never meet. Ethical fashion focuses on meeting sustainable demands and ensuring that suppliers are paid fairly.


Items that are created through fast fashion and sold for cheap prices are rarely cherished which means that it doesn’t cause much heartache when we have to part with it. In fact, this only makes it easier to throw away perfectly good clothing. Unfortunately, we often forget that this type of clothing not only harms the environment during production, but also when it reaches landfill as synthetic fabrics take hundreds of years to disintegrate, releasing gases like methane into the air.

Ethical fashion is an umbrella term to describe a range of different approaches that make up the industry. For example, it campaigns for a fair and equal pay for foreign workers, in particular women, whilst also ensuring that the working conditions are humane. Ethical fashion also places an emphasis on the quality of clothing, the way in the materials are produced and the waste that fashion creates in order to find alternative methods that do not place such a strain on the environment. Here at 2forjoy, we believe that ethical fashion is an important part of creating a sustainable fashion industry which is why we stitch these ethics into every seam. Plus, we also donate 15% of our sale price to charity! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today.

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