Why Fast Fashion Clothing Lacks Quality

Our slow and ethical fashion focus here at 2forjoy is the reason why we try to craft high quality garments without inflicting exorbitant amounts of damage on the environment.

After all, the current approach to fashion production is unsustainable in every way imaginable, particularly when it comes to the fast fashion industry. In fact, many of the methods that are implemented within this area are done so with a focus on profit rather than quality and durability. Read on to find out why fast fashion garments rarely last more than a dozen washes…


The majority of fast fashion production takes place is ‘sweatshops’ in foreign countries because it is cheaper to outsource the labour. In fact, the workers, who are often women, are given targets to hit per day and as a result there isn’t a lot of time spent on each item. In addition to this, the production process also eliminates certain aspects in order to get clothing made quicker and reduce costs. For example, they will often omit interfacing from the garments, which is used to add support and strength.


The methods that are used within the fashion industry are based on profit, especially when it comes to fast fashion. After all, that is why they outsource the labour and underpay foreign workers in the first place. By using lower quality materials, simplifying the seam-stressing processes and knowingly opting for production methods that are environmentally damaging, the big companies are able to save money and increase their profit. Unfortunately, this unsustainable structure results in incredibly low quality clothing, often at the cost of our environment.


Since the rise of mass production, the fashion industry has expanded across the entire globe and is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise. With this said, the demand for ‘affordable’ fast fashion clothing rises everyday which means that the people who make the clothing are pressured into exceeding their targets in order to meet the demand of the retailers. In fact, many workers are known to skip meals and put off toilet breaks in order to complete targets which is both morally and ethically wrong. These demands are increasing year by year and often result in clothing quality being sacrificed in order to meet them.

Here at 2forjoy, we aim to increase the transparency within the supply chain of our industry by sourcing high quality materials from reputable tradespeople and working tirelessly in order to craft durable garments. Whilst the appeal of fast fashion is often focused on affordability, the reality is that the clothing the industry produces lacks the durability to stick around longer than a single season. In fact, it is not uncommon for consumers to notice threading after just a handful of uses. As a result, we are firm believers that the superior quality of slow fashion is the answer to clothing longevity and durability. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team today.

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