Why Fast Fashion is Unsustainable

As the leading industry within the fashion world, being told that fast fashion is the most damaging and unethical trade in operation can be a bitter pill to swallow. After all, its lack of transparency allows it to fill the high street stores and throw up red tag sale signs that draw in millions of customers every day who buy without questioning the morals behind the production. Read on to find out why fast fashion is so unsustainable…


Fast fashion relies on overseas and foreign workers in order to meet demand and get clothing onto the shop floor. Unfortunately, these demands are incredibly high which means that the workers are forced to work long shifts in poor conditions in return for a below average pay whilst the companies reap the benefits and profit. In fact, with these demands only increasing year by year, it calls into question how the fast fashion industry intends to meet them with such unsustainable and exploitative methods already in place.

Environmental Impact

Whilst it is impossible to produce clothing without using the resources available to us, the fast fashion industry takes it to the extreme using methods that damage the planet and result in wastage beyond comprehension. For example, experts have estimated that making one pair of jean trousers in the fast fashion industry requires over 3000 litres of water! With around 10% of the world currently deprived of access to clean and sanitary water, it puts into perspective how unsustainable current methods really are.

Quantity over Quality

Clothing in the fast fashion industry is known for being rather low quality and this is largely down to profit margins. After all, using lower quality fabrics and materials means that the overall cost to make an item is significantly lower. In fact, the fast fashion industry tends to regard clothing quality as an afterthought; sacrificing it for quantity in order to meet unsustainable demands. The big bosses in the industry would much rather get their clothing into the stores as fast as possible than take the time to ensure each item meets a certain standard.

When it comes to the clothing you choose to wear it is important to take into consideration how impactful a purchase can be. After all, grabbing items in a sale can sound like a bargain however the reduced quality means you will only be replacing it in a matter of weeks. Here at 2forjoy we believe that the publics’ need for fashion shouldn’t come at the price of workers health and the wellbeing of our planet which is why we take an ethical approach into the production of our slow fashion clothing in order to ensure that they are durable enough to last beyond a single season. For more information, get in contact with a member of the 2forjoy team.

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