Why You Should Wear Cotton

Operating under the umbrella of ethical practices here at 2forjoy means that we are constantly reinforcing how important it is to ensure that your clothing is made from high quality materials. With this said however, we have to recognise that there is an overwhelming abundance of different types of materials, fabrics and textures; making it difficult for the average person to be able to differentiate one from the other. Cotton is a popular fibre used around the world in order to create a range of different garments.

As a soft fibre that is found surrounding the seeds of cotton plants, cotton is mostly known for its ability to be made into a thread for sewing and clothing production and experts have estimated that around 25 million tons of cotton bales are made every single year. In fact, since cotton is a naturally forming product it is an ethical fibre to use in clothing production. Read on to why it is a beneficial fibre to wear…

Suitable for all weather

Cotton clothing is able to withstand a range of different weather types since it is known as an all-season textile. For example, it has a cooling effecting during the summer heat but is able to provide insulation on a colder evening. This happens thanks to its structure, as air is trapped between the fibres of the fabric.


Having an allergy can cause shopping for clothing to become a difficult and tiresome task. After all, nobody wants to check the label of every garment they would like to purchase. Thankfully, clothing that is created from cotton will rarely cause an allergic reaction and most dermatologists recommend it.


Whilst the way that clothing is made can influence its durability, the material that is used in the first place also has a say too. Cotton is considered one of the most durable fibres since it doesn’t tear easily and can withstand regular machine washing. This durability is linked to the way the fibres of cotton stick together compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Less Toxic

As cotton is a natural fibre, it is treated with fewer chemicals than other commonly used textiles. Whilst it is true that cotton is not completely free from a small amount of chemicals, it is less toxic than other available fibres.

Here at 2forjoy, we believe that there is more to ethical fashion than creating high quality clothing. After all, the materials that are used are just as important as the methods that were undertaken in order to create the clothing. Cotton is a very widely used fibre, however the quality of the attire created from it can vary depending on several factors. We work closely with our suppliers in order to source the best materials possible whilst developing a mutually beneficial relationship at the same time. For more information about our range of cotton clothing, contact 2forjoy today!

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